Welcome to O2M Tech!

Our mission is to provide a wide range of technology­-based solutions to the global mineral processing industry.  Our objective is to:

  • Maximize mineral recovery
  • Achieve the maximum potential of finite natural resources
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce the consumption of process consumables

We aim to achieve these goals by providing top-level consulting and training services, licensing and supporting sofware and online services.


O2M Tech offers technology-based consulting services to the mineral processing industry.  We leverage our software applications expertise and enable customers to benefit from the advanced analysis enabled by the technology without needing to develop the in­house skills for using it.


O2M Tech provides access to industry-leading software to help engineers, processors and manufacturers optimize mineral processing operations.  Our current software offerings include MillSoft and Caspeo products.

Technology to Market

O2M Tech provides market analysis, strategy and planning services for new technologies in the minerals industry.  On the customer side, we assess commercial opportunities for new technologies, develop customer engagement plans, collect customer feedback, and help integrate customer needs into the scientific development of the new technology.  On the production side, we analyze supply chains, estimate build costs, and help develop industrial partners for commercializing new technologies.  Our current projects include a University of Utah / ARPA-E Project for efficiently separating light metals and alloys from industrial waste.