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    Philippe Blot

    Philippe Blot has worked in the mining industry for 25 years, during which he built a wide network of contacts.  Beginning in 1996, he helped found PERI.  While at PERI, a variety of technologies were used and marketed, including MillSoft and Caspeo software, to the global mineral processing industry.  He also helped design and implement elemental analyzers and associated sampling and multiplexing equipment.  Prior to PERI, Philippe spent six years with Control International, Inc. implementing model­-based process control systems in mineral processing plants.  Previously, he developed and applied software for ore reserve estimation and mine planning and scheduling using geostatistics, and worked on early versions of what are now Caspeo software offerings at BRGM and affiliates.

    Don Eggert

    Don Eggert is an innovative entrepreneur, programmer and engineer.  Beginning in 1998, he developed the world’s first banking software to natively support all methodologies used by the global microfinance industry.  In 2001 he co­founded Utah­-based Kredits, LLC to license and support the software.  As CEO, he grew a client base across 33 countries on five continents and oversaw a major investment in the company.  During the decade prior to his work at Kredits, Don earned registration as a Professional Engineer.  In this capacity he completed investment-­grade analyses and designs of energy­-efficient retrofits for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities across the U.S., Mexico and Korea.  He holds a physics degree from Dartmouth college.





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