Grinding Mill Optimization

The MillSoft discrete element modelling software has been helping engineers and manufacturers optimize grinding mills for over 10 years.  This powerful software was the first of its kind to enable engineers to virtually peer through the solid walls of a spinning mill and view the rock as it is lifted in the air and crushed on itself.  MillSoft has helped engineers dramatically increase the throughput of grinding mills while decreasing energy consumption and extending the life of costly liners and lifters.

University of Utah Professor Raj Rajamani and his team in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences developed Millsoft as the culmination of many years of research.  MillSoft simulates the individual collisions in the mill and predicts the total power consumption of the mill.  The motion and collisions of the particles can be viewed graphically or as an animation.  For example, you can see the number of impacts per second at different energy levels and you can watch a video of the rocks and balls inside the mill.  This information can be used to help optimize the design of the lifters and operation of the mill.

O2M Technologies is proud to be the exclusive licensor of the MillSoft technology.  We will provide mill simulations along with expert interpretation and advice.  Or we can provide access for engineers to run their own simulations on MillSoft.

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